Taillefer Family

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Julie's Art

Julie Taillefer, Martin's niece, is a talented artist. She's also got a pretty good sense of humor. Here is some of the artwork she's emailed us. Julie lives outside of Montreal in Canada. She's French Canadian, so we've provided translations where necessary.

If you want to reach the artist, just email her.

November 29, 2006

It7   janv 06   mars 06

August 8, 2001


December 29, 2000

Julie slept late and did not get a chance to say good-bye to Martin before he flew home to California. She drew this picture as a little apology.

Kep and Sam

Kep sometimes comes with us to work. Julie thinks Kep probably gets into trouble there, but he's a good doggie.


Here's a goofy little Titanic story.

Goofy Storyboard

Bad Joke

Julie sent Martin a little story once which had a very bad joke. Martin told her his brain was hurting as a result. She then sent this picture...


Here's Julie's comparative analysis of the weather conditions in Canada and where we used to live in California.

Cold Canada and Sunny Califor-ni-a


Here's a story about a pair of mermaids.

Mermaid Friends

July 21, 1999

Here's the birthday card Julie sent for Martin's 32nd birthday.

Birthday Card

Happy Halloween

Morticia Adams

July 18, 1995

Some jungle animals for Martin's 28h birthday.

Birthday Card